Deeper Repentance

Deeper Repentance

Scripture References: Romans 6, Galatians 6:7-8, Matthew 5-7, Matthew 9:13

What shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!

How can we who died to sin live any longer in it? But we do. The acceptable theory or the course of reasoning is that we are humans and therefore subject to failure.

But, I will argue, I am dead to it. I died to sin when I accepted water baptism in Christ Jesus.

Well, you respond, I do not know what world you exist in but in my world there is sin and I am humbled, grateful, dependent on the blood of Jesus and the plan of salvation or I would be dead – spiritually and physically I would have been swallowed up by sin.

I suggest you take a second look at the area of repentance. Let me introduce you to the concept of Deeper Repentance.

Sin is a spiritual act that results in spiritual death. To be purged from sin and restored to spiritual life requires the covering of pure blood, as only purity can destroy sin. That is the reason we trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ understood the authority of blood to activate changes spiritually so He willingly became the payment to purchase man from the breach of sin.

Now, the scripture tells us that we cannot partake of the blood of Jesus Christ when sin is still present, therefore before we apply the blood of Christ we must walk through the door of repentance.

Repentance means to reconsider, to think differently, to exercise the mind, to heed, and to understand. Translated, I have truly repented when I have fully understood the magnitude of that which was done. I have also carefully exercised or engaged my mind to bring a full turn around to my behavior that I would not walk that path any longer.

Jesus said it beautifully when He delivered our Godly attitudes in Matthew 5-7. ‘If you desire not to commit adultery, do not look. If you do not want to hate or kill your brother, do not get angry with him. You thought it was okay to get divorced, but if there is no breach in intimacy, work it out. Be as forgiving as God is. If you desire to have the Holy Spirit, just ask. Keep my Words and you will never fall.

After laying this foundation for the healing of repentance, He went about curing all from the ravishes of sin. He did not go crying for people to repent, instead he went about removing the stench of sin, the death that sin brought, and freeing man from being slaves to sin.

Christ knew that sin breeds sin. So sin in any man is a breeding ground for more sin. He did not burden man with repentance before he freed them from its entanglement.

When sin is present in the body it weakens the resolve and generates surrender to more sin. Each time we surrender we are forming a pattern, a habit, a discipline.

Say it with me… Surrender is a weakness and weakness is a discipline. Weak indulgences are traps. Addiction means, I took the bait and now I am trapped.

How did I get to this point of breeding sin? What are the stages of surrender?

Stage 1: The Toy. The irresistible attraction. I had to indulge, it seemed so alluring.

Stage 2: The Game. At this stage I enjoyed the game with the toy. However, I declare I am in control, I can manipulate this toy to my benefit. I can walk away whenever I choose.

Stage 3: The Hook. The toy has taken on spiritual life. I am now bonded to the habit. I frequent the activity even though I keep excusing my behavior. This spiritual bondage is just another name for spiritual death. That which I am bonded to, calls the shots. That’s the reason repentance is not just a cry to be free. It’s a deep yearning of the soul to be rid of the torment of death.

To reverse this habit that eats at my soul and creates all kinds of weird trouble in my family, my job, my health and all that belongs to me, I must re-work the route of surrender.

However, I am no longer in charge. Romans 6:16 tells us that to whom we have yielded ourselves servants to obey, his servants we are… whether of sin unto death or obedience unto righteousness. I am the slave, the puppet, being used and manipulated to serve a god whose purpose is to destroy me. Can I cry out to the god I am serving and ask to be freed from the bondage?

Steps to Deeper Repentance

  1. Cry out to the true and living God through Jesus Christ to completely destroy the spiritual bondage.

  2. Seek the infilling of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, to bond with my spirit. The bond is formed with the Holy Spirit when my desires change and I begin to hate the sin.

  3. Begin to surrender to the Word of God. Ask the Lord to quicken the Word to my spirit.

  4. Stand in the authority of this new spiritually anointed position and and erase the curse and wages of sin that were part of my existence.

  5. Become fascinated with surrendering to God and partake of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ in holy communion.

  6. Begin my deliverance ministry.

Six challenges that must become a discipline in our lives. Will you take the challenge to perfect the healing of your soul in Deeper Repentance?

Jacqueline Trought

February 2015