Effective Prayer

Effective Prayer

Effective prayer is not only communicating but connecting to the Almighty God, hearing His heart, and speaking that which is heard into the earth.

Communicating does not necessarily mean we connected. Connecting unites the hearts and forms bonds where we experience peace and joy.  Bonds formed in prayer sustain our faith through the process of testing.  Faith is built each time the bonds of prayer connections are formed.

Prayer then is fellowship with our Father God, an intimate connection that carves a smile on the heart. Entering into the presence of the Lord ushers a sweet expectation to the soul where the body relaxes from its cares and joyfully waits for the treasures it will find.

In these moments I acknowledge my Heavenly Father, the dearest treasure of my heart and allow His holy Presence to minister to my mind as I drift into the comfort of His heart. Then from my lips flow sweet praises, not conjured from my expectation or even past experiences, but from the reality that I have found Him whom my soul desires, I know His love and tenderness, the strength of His care, the joy of my heart.

Oh, how I await the mesmerizing moments of being lost in the pleasure of Him who loves me.

….Jacqueline Trought