The Easter Story

A Snippet of our Easter Story

Well, do we allow history to trump our celebration of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  Should we give up the season which the World chooses to honor and reflect on our Emmanuel, whose gift and sacrifice to the earth has beautified countless lives and provided an answer beyond the grave?

All the gods and goddesses of spring have faded into oblivion.  To access their existence requires diligent searches and a stretch of the imagination. Truth is they are dead and their memory have faded.  One more thing, they were so insignificant and contributed so little to the well being of mankind, that they have necessarily been replaced by the giver of life, the giver of truth, the well-spring of abundance, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eggs, rabbits, and fishes have not outweighed the utter significance of the Christ who sacrificed himself on the cross of Calvary, absorbing to himself the weakness and foolishness of mankind, the ugliness we call sin, that just as the earth comes alive at springtime, so those who embrace His gift will come alive into the full experience of new life.

What shall we say then, shall we continue with Easter and ask for the grace of our God to transform another life, who perhaps by tradition only, will seek His face in honor at this delicate season, when snippets of truth circulate the earth like light, stomping out the darkness, awakening consciences to bow to the Lordship of the Creator of the World?

Shall we continue with Easter looking back at a time that only history celebrates, bringing the past into the present and infusing life into it, desperately carving awareness to those who only want the World to rest from its bustle and give holy and sacred days to the act of kindness given to the entire creation, through the ultimate suffering man has ever experienced.

Let us keep alive that which has been birthed in us, the abundant life that denies sin, the beauty of holiness, the truth of the cross of Calvary.  Let us stomp out paganism and all it represents, let us erase it from the pages of history, let us deny ourselves the intelligence of delving into a story that robs the joy we can celebrate.  Let us forgive those who in their ignorance or wisdom formulated a calendar that transformed Lent, or used the full moon to set a time to honor the living breathing sacrifice of the Cross of Calvary.  Let us come alive and keep the Passover of the spotless sacrifice of God, and allow this season to remind us that Jesus Christ ended His life, so we may spring to life and fulfill our God given purpose, just as He did.

J. Trought April 2014