Prayer to Establish the Glory of God

Pray for Jamaica

Pray for Jamaica


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Greetings and manifold blessings from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory and power and honor forever.

Scripture Reading:  St. John 17

Prayer to Establish the Glory of God

And now O Father, we come to You. Father, come now and be at rest in our presence. This is Your time, this is Your hour, this is Your place. Take Your majestic place O God, on the throne of our hearts; we consecrate this time and place holy unto our Lord and God. We reverence Your Presence as You enter; we honor and bow at Your feet, Lord, God Almighty, magnificent and powerful, beautiful and glorious; Most Holy One, we adore You.

We have partaken of the heavenly calling, of the Word we received, of the revelation knowledge that is being poured into our inner man as we humble ourselves in obedience to You, O Holy One.

We now enter into the realm of the promises secured for the saints, by Christ Jesus our Lord. With strong consolation and assurance we lay hold of the grace that is set before us, and we enter in, beyond the veil, as we robe ourselves in Your righteousness.

As priests of the divine order and of the commandments laid down in the new and living testament, secured in the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ, we now testify of the mystery being revealed as we step out on the grace found in obedience.

Father, we are Yours. You hand-picked us and positioned us in the vine, that we may become one with the Father, through Jesus Christ. ….Give us the glory that You established with our Savior Jesus Christ.

…Give us life eternal – the knowledge of the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You sent.

…Give unto us the Words which are found in Christ, and give us hearts to receive them.

…Give us a release of heavenly knowledge, even now, as we pray, that the treasures of the glory of the Father will surely become one in us.

Word of God, wash us, sanctify us, heal us, deliver us.

Word of God, open up our understanding and implant the truth of Your wisdom in our eyes.

Word of God, unite us as one in Christ, and by Christ Jesus.

Word of God usher us up in heavenly places that may experience the unity of the Spirit of the Living God.

Word of God, the glory that was established through love, be pleased to polish our spiritual and physical being with the full understanding and blessing that is found in Christ Jesus.

O Spirit of the Living God, bring us in and show us the Father; declare unto us the full measure of the glory that is found in His Name:

…that we may bow in agreement with the truth and call of God,

…that Jamaica may be chosen for a new outpouring of God’s favor.

…that the weight of the authority in the Name of Christ may be revealed in our land.

…that the love with is covenanted in the Name of Christ will be poured out among us.

…that the blessings represented by the Name of Christ will overtake us.

…that the Name of Jesus Christ will clothe us and preserve our land of Jamaica as the treasure of God, and the place where God’s glory dwell. Amen.