The Battle Is Over

The Battle is Over!

Do not continue to fight a battle that is over. It is the highest order of mental slavery. The turmoil and pain are magnified and given life in proportions that overwhelm the soul and places unbearable strain on the emotions leading us to seek out enablers.

So we call on those who will listen and in order to invoke the sympathy we desire we emblish the pain until it forms the catalyst for morbid gossip and lies. By this we trap ourselves in the bitterness of rejection and loneliness.  We invoke spirits of heartbreak and depression; we invite into that world we have now created through the spoken words of our own lips, all types of lies, all types of brokenness, they enter the body and begin working to destroy our chemical imbalance.

The imbalance sets off indigestion, inability to focus, migraines, and that famous word we use when medical tests cannot reach a diagnosis – fibromyalgia.

Remember, the battle is over, just as Christ said. “It is finished. man’s redemption is paid.” The incident, or accident, or trouble that came is past. It is in the past. I can call for the intervention of the Holy Spirit, ask for the covering of the blood of Christ, nullify any further plans of hell, and rest in the finished work of that which Christ desires, the reason He brought me to this trial.

I can choose to accept the victory Christ is working out for me instead of focusing on my ability or inability to see through the end of this matter that superimposes itself as a win. If, and only if I trust Christ’s Words, can I rest in the anointing of His presence, and instead of inviting rejection, defeat, and loneliness or aggression, I choose to invite the Holy Spirit and allow Him to speak Words of life through me, then breathe life into my woundedness and transform it into wholeness.

Through the utterance of the Holy Spirit, I speak to the battle. The Holy Spirit’s Words are not the words which man’s wisdom or intellect teaches, but it contains groanings that cut through darkness as light. The judgement that was set against me becomes overturned, spiritual life is breathed into my being, and my heart begins to sing the song of victory.

….Jacqueline Trought