The Woman of The City

Nugget from the Word
Luke 7:36-50
A prostitute of the city who had been following Jesus, was lead by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the Lord for mercy. In her heart she knew that the life she needed was in this Messiah.
Seizing the opportunity as He sat down to eat, she knelt at His feet and as her tears of brokenness fell, she washed her Lord’s feet, kissed them, and then anointed the feet that had trodden miles to minister and bring life to thousands. Her message was clear. I will bow and kiss the feet of Him who has the authority and grace to relieve me of my years of pain.
Let’s face it, women prostitute themselves because life has dealt them its ugly blow—gut wrenching pain, sadness, depression, lack of worth, violated by those who were given trust. All that a prostitute has left in this life are the treasures bought with the horror of being used by those who could not care less, and self-worth that wreaks with the nauseating stench of death.
That was all this woman had to offer to Jesus in exchange for His mercy, and she received it. Hallelujah!
Finally, she found the one, the only one who not only loved her, but also cured her of the disease of her mind, and soul, and body; who healed her heart of its shame and guilt; who elevated her from the gutter of the streets, to a princess, named in the archives of the Almighty God.
Through her worship she found true life.
Will you worship the Lord of Glory today?

…Jacqueline Trought